PANDION MIDTOWN as a capital investment


Real estate as inflation protection

Real estate is considered inflation-proof and stable in value. Real estate has therefore always been a popular investment option to protect assets against loss of value. Therefore, invest in your own property with energetic construction and benefit from value stability and a possible future increase in value. In addition to the purchase of a property as a capital investment, there is also the possibility of immediate or later owner occupation. As a retirement provision, you can live rent-free in your own four walls at the start of your pension or generate monthly rental income.

"AfA" - Depreciation for wear and tear

Save taxes with real estate

As an investor, you benefit not only from rental income, but also from tax breaks when investing in real estate. Depreciation for wear and tear, or AfA for short, refers to the tax-relevant reduction in the value of assets during their useful economic life. For example, acquisition and production costs of real estate can be claimed for tax purposes and the annual 2% depreciation additionally reduces your taxable income. In addition, as a landlord, you can deduct the interest on the real estate loan from your taxable income. After repayment of the real estate loan, you generate a regular cash flow through the monthly rental income.

capital investment


PANDION offers the following advantages as a partner for capital investments:

  • High quality
  • Commission-free sale
  • Project development, construction and management from one source
  • High-quality fittings and construction materials
  • More than 20 years of experience in the development, construction and sale of high-class residential properties
  • We are your direct contact for everything to do with PANDION MIDTOWN
Location Berlin


Make the most of the benefits offered by Berlin:

  • Berlin is booming, and a strong growth in the economy and population are also expected for the future.
  • In 2019, economic growth in Berlin was at 3%, putting it top of the board in Germany for the sixth year running*
  • The population will grow from approx. 3.7 million today to around 3.9 million by 2030 as result of people moving to Berlin.** This will lead to a higher demand for living space
  • Friedrichshain is one of Berlin’s most popular neighbourhoods: the continued positive development is foreseeable, along with rising rents and purchase prices.
  • Very good infrastructure and transport links thanks to railways and the airport
  • Very secure rental income
  • * Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
    ** Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing

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